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Migrating to IP Video

Migrating to IP Video

Many of you have an older analog CCTV security camera system and are wondering how to upgrade, move forward, or replace failing equipment.  At the same time you are seeing these fantastic images and image quality of cameras in the IP world and you’re wondering how you can migrate to IP.  Here are your options in order of cost;

  1. Stay with analog.  Depending on your budget and needs, you can replace a DVR or camera on the cheap.  Keep in mind, the only reason to stay analog is because the cost to upgrade is too prohibitive.  The video manufacturers are putting no new R&D dollars into developing analog cameras and DVRs.  This means that they are not getting any better and it is often more cost effective for some companies to find a manufacturer in china and slap their logo on their products instead of designing and manufacturing their own.  The quality and features have dropped and the DVR software is sometimes impossible to use and is no way intuitive, but Hey, it dirt cheap.
  2. Replace DVRs with a Hybrid NVR.  Companies like Exacq, Salient, American Dynamics, and Pelco (among others) have a hybrid NVR.  This will allow you to keep your existing analog cameras and capital investment, and add new IP cameras or replace strategic cameras with IP model as your budget or needs dictate.  We find this to be the most cost effective option for most customers out there and also the smallest learning curve for understanding the new software and features available to end users.
  3. Use encoders to bring existing analog cameras onto a new VMS server.  This method allows you to separate your cameras from your VMS, meaning that you can choose any VMS platform out there, since you won’t be connecting your cameras directly to your NVR.  The cost is a little higher than just using a hybrid NVR and adds another point of failure, but allows you the ability to choose a VMS that doesn’t make hybrid NVR’s or support analog cameras
  4.  Replace analog cameras with IP, reuse existing coax with an Ethernet over Coax (EOC) transceiver and replace the DVR with new NVR.  This is the most expensive, but most complete upgrade and involves abandoning most existing equipment except cabling.  Using an EOC  transceiver allows you reuse existing coax cabling, and some units can even send power through the coax. In some applications, it may be more cost effective to rewire, but it is dependent on wire path & distance, ceiling types, and accessibility.  In most cases, a mix of rewiring, EOC transceivers, and encoders/hybrids is used to best meet needs and budgets.

Every application is unique and should be custom designed for the end user’s preferences, needs, and budget.  For a free evaluation and proposal in the Greater Boston and New England region, call us now.

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