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Multi-Tenant Call Systems

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Managing access to multi-tenant buildings used to be complicated, but not anymore. Modern telephone entry systems can provide easy access to units and can place secure calls for tenants to grant access. Unit information on the device can be updated through an internet connection from anywhere in the world, making it a simple process to add, remove, or alter permissions for any tenant in your facility. When a visitor arrives, a clear interface directs the user to select the appropriate tenant that would authorize access, at which point a telephone call is placed from the device to the tenants home or cell phone number. Assuming the visitor has authorization, all the tenant has to do is grant access is press a phone key.

Centralization creates a system that allows for a consolidation of the management structure required to manage a property’s visitor and resident population, lowering the amount of labor hours needed to create a secure environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether your application is a main entry, overhead door, or parking gate – a telephone entry system can increase both convenience and security for your tenants, while reducing your organization’s overall operational cost.

With A2 Systems expert knowledge, you can get the telephone entry system you need tailor made for your organization.

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