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Intrusion Detection

Automatic Threat Response

Providing interior protection against unauthorized access, robberies, and environmental threats (heat/smoke/water) has never been easier with A2 Systems advanced building security knowledge. Our technical installation skill combined with 24/7 central station monitoring to protect assets at all times. Reliable contact points create a web of local security to protect whatever premises you select, and automatically respond when events are triggered.

False Alarms No More

Command center monitoring automatically contact the appropriate individuals or authorities after an alarm has been sounded. Advanced video monitoring integrations can also provide video verification of events as they unfold, automatically providing live evidence to the authorities. By increasing the quality of the information provided to the first responders, A2 Systems decreases the response time by providing reasonable evidence quickly. When seconds matter,  having the appropriate response soon enough can make all the difference. When you trust in a security solution to keep the important things safe, make sure that you rely on A2 Systems to maximize your investment in safety.

Smooth Transitions

When it comes to upgrading your existing system, A2 has a variety of solutions to maximize the lifespan of existing hardware such as door contacts, wiring, etc. when available in order to reduce your overall cost. We only perform value engineered installations for our customers.

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