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ID Badge Systems

Make visual identification easy

When tasked with managing an ID Badge project for your organization, you may feel overwhelmed at first by the diversity of offerings and varying software platforms.With A2 Systems, creating one ID Badge (or 1000) is as easy a few clicks. Networked Access Control Systems can also be integrated, providing a one-stop-shop for identification management for organizations of any size.

Badge printing design software allows for extremely simple design and template creation for the easy printing of hundreds or thousands of badges. Modern dual-sided printers can print hundreds of badges an hour, and automatically populate user information with the relevant data. Don’t let your aging badging hardware or software slow you down!

New cards and fobs contain advanced algorithmic security, which prevent copying as well as brute-force attacks, providing another layer of protection from attackers. In high security environments, security compromised cards can actually put your organization at risk. A2 Systems can help to make sure your organization is not vulnerable with our complimentary assessment.

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