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Emergency Call Stations

A Lifeline when Every Second Counts

Providing Emergency Call Stations throughout a large campus environment are proven solutions for reducing response times. When seconds make all of the difference, three things are critical –

  • Accessibility
  • Visibility
  • Reliable functionality

A2 Systems understands the needs of a larger campus environment, and can design a solution that provides emergency call station the best option when an individual needs assistance quickly. Integration functionality with major video surveillance systems can provide a central monitoring station with live views of the scenario, identifying and recognizing threats as the situation unfolds while providing a first responder with real-time information. A simple & visible call station effectively provides a security zone in the area around it, expanding your security staff’s reach without any additional staff.

Newer networked models can even include on board camera systems, cell phone modules for remote communication, and bright flashers to guide law enforcement to the proper location.

When critical emergency communication devices are needed, count on A2 Systems to make the call.

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