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Custom Security Solutions To Meet Your Exact Needs and Budget

Servicing both residential and commercial customers, A2 Systems’ expertise allows us to evaluate your specific security needs and design the most cost-effective solutions, without sacrificing system integrity. From a single door system to prevent after-hours access, to a multi-site networked enterprise solution, A2 Systems has the skill and expertise to handle it. A2 Systems is committed to staying on top of current trends and new technologies in order to keep our customers knowledgeable of solutions to meet their needs. We custom design security system solutions for each and every customer after performing a thorough site and needs evaluation, tailoring the product and system layout to provide the most value and ease of use to you, our customer. There are no “cookie cutter” solutions with A2 Systems.

Massachusetts’ A2 Systems Specializes in the Integration of the Following Products

  • Access Control – Including restricted access to designated areas and rooms via badges, keyfobs, or biometrics. Providing locked/unlocked schedules and different clearance levels. Everything from single door solutions to multi-site, multi-level systems.
  • IP & Analog CCTV – Cameras allow you to patrol and record what’s going on 24/7 and provides evidence of incidents or insurance in the event of litigation.
  • Perimeter Protection – Using fencing sensors, we provide real time alerts of perimeter fence breaches or motion.
  • Turnstiles – Effectively and aesthetically secure entrance from your lobby or other points of entry.
  • Wireless Networks – Distribute networks and data where no current connection exists and installing underground conduit would be cost prohibitive. We can transmit network data up to 10km in a point to point, point to multipoint, or mesh wireless network.
  • Parking Control Systems – Wireless RFID readers to control parking gates, eliminating the need for a control booth or manned entry/exits.
  • Intrusion Detection – Providing interior protection against unauthorized access, robberies, and environmental threats (heat/smoke/water) combined with 24/7 monitoring to protect assets at all times.
  • ID Badge Systems – Software and printers that allow you to design and deploy custom badging solutions for any size business.
  • Elevator Control – Via the access control system, restrict and grant access to certain floors based on access level or require a valid card read before the elevator call button is functional.
  • Remote Video Monitoring – Providing a custom solution to customers who need to have someone monitoring their cameras, but cannot afford the cost of a full time guard. Each situation and solution is different and fully customized to the exact need of the customer.
  • Intercom – From a single door audio only door release button to multi-door/multi-master station video intercoms and IP systems to remotely view entry doors and grant access over the internet.
  • Multi-Tenant Call Systems – Telephone entry systems for large residential or commercial applications. A single lobby system allows all visitors to dial in to the correct tenant and have them grant access to the building.
  • Emergency Call Stations – We deploy a number of call boxes throughout a garage, campus, or other area that allows a victim to immediately connect to emergency responders at the push of a button.