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Healthcare Crime Prevention

Healthcare Crime Prevention

A nurse at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Massachusetts was sentenced on April 7 for stealing pain medication from an automated drug dispensing machine (ADM). This comes only months after Massachusetts General Hospital agreed to pay the United States 2.3 million dollars after employees stole thousands of prescription medications from the hospital.

Drug diversion and healthcare theft are major problems at hospitals and pharmacies across the country. Surveillance cameras are increasingly being used to combat theft of drugs, hospital equipment, and patient and hospital staff belongings. A2 Systems can help install reliable high quality security products to help prevent these costly crimes.

New camera technology is making it easier to catch perpetrators in the act. Video analytics can detect loitering and can send email notifications to security officials if persons are congregating in an area where they should not be and track recurring offenders.  Security officials recommend cameras be deployed in pharmacies but also in sensitive areas where drugs are brought into the facility (loading docks), remote storage areas (ADMs), locations where drugs are being administered (procedural areas and operating rooms), or stocking areas (wholesale product bins).

Fortunately, high definition stream management installed by A2 Systems allow institutions to deploy more cameras without using an exorbitant amount of bandwidth making them an easy solution for technology departments and networks.  Experienced security integrators like A2 Systems know how to select the appropriate cameras for healthcare specialty purposes. Expert knowledge of how to navigate environmental factors including unique lighting conditions, challenging fields of view, and weather tolerance all play important roles in camera selection.

A2 Systems highly trained team knows how to best position and program the cameras for identification or general observation within healthcare organizations. As safety industry leaders, A2 Systems dedicates their client focused efforts to deliver high quality, cost effective video, access control, and alarm solutions to help prevent drug theft and other healthcare facility crimes.

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