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Legal and Code Requirements in Commercial Security

Legal and Code Requirements in Commercial Security

Fully integrated security systems are a certainly a functional requirement for maintaining a secure, monitored environment where all traffic is cataloged and ready for reporting when the time it is needed comes around. This modern age of internetworked devices makes it easy to reduce on site security staff while increasing the remaining staff’s efficiency a remarkably large amount, but basic safety standards must be followed at all times. Here at A2 Systems, we understand that the best time to solve problems are before they happen, so we take safety concerns to the highest levels of priority – especially during the design phase.

City, State, and Federal laws tend to lend themselves to become ever-more complex with minute details that are easy to miss when you are pursuing a document hundreds of pages long, crammed with statutes and regulations and limitations to the brim. At first glance, almost anyone (besides the inspector or licensed A2 Technician) would likely have little interest in the minute details – such as which type of hinge the primary egress door for southeast corner of the building should have. Luckily, A2 Systems is here to help! We maintain up to date, fully comprehensive knowledge of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine Commercial Fire Codes, Commercial Access Control, and Commercial Video Surveillance statutes and legislation.

Complicated, absolutely, but also as simple as contacting A2 Systems for all of your Commercial Access Control and Video Surveillance Security needs. Our advanced knowledge and understanding in the intricacies of privacy / Fire Code laws for the New England Region allows for an easy installation process that maintains regulations and passes inspections creates the perfect environment for advanced integrated security systems to thrive and adapt to changing situations as needed.

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