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10 Reasons to Maintain Your Security System

10 Reasons to Maintain Your Security System

Your security systems are a part of your business that requires a regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections. This idea may seem like a stretch at first, but hopefully a conveniently compiled list will provide the information necessary to further your understanding of why security system maintenance should be an important part of your quarterly or yearly routine.

1. Poorly maintained security systems fail sooner.

If you never changed the oil in your car, how long do you think you could drive it for? It might function properly for days, months, or even years, but the fact of the matter still remains that it would not last as long as a car that had regularly scheduled maintenance. The same thing goes for commercial security systems. Without the proper care and maintenance, events may arise that may directly affect the longevity and lifespan of the major financial investment that is your security system.

2. Systems in disrepair make users take more time to perform tasks.

When you or your users access your video surveillance or access control system and its age is showing, consider that there may be a software or firmware upgrade available that you can take advantage of – without any hardware upgrade required. The added functionality of newer software versions may give your users the edge they need to navigate the systems they use on a regular basis more efficiently, reducing the time it takes them to perform common tasks.

3. When systems don’t work, liability inherently increases.

One of the primary functions of your commercial security system is to provide a secure area that increases safety by providing a blanket of video surveillance as well as access control coverage. The ability to effectively monitor and control individual’s location with a facility greatly increases the safety of the facility through the associated increase in accountability and decrease of emergency staff response time. When your system isn’t functioning to its designed specifications, safety correspondingly suffers.

4. A properly maintained security system reduces false alarms.

As a system falls into disrepair, the majority of the time false alarms increase as well. Extremely similar to the tale of the boy who cried wolf, false alarms effectively prevent users from properly responding to situations as they actively unfold. One could even argue that false alarms encourage users to ignore the systems alerts and notifications.

5. Older cameras don’t see as well, especially if they are filthy.

Have you ever seen an extremely filthy car that has been left in a dusty parking garage for months or years? Cameras that function twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year get dirty in the same way. They easily become covered in dust and grime that can severely impact a camera’s image quality, especially in night time conditions. The same goes for indoor cameras as well. Any type of construction in the area of a camera  produces significant amounts of sheetrock/misc building dust that is seemingly magically attracted to the enclosure of your security camera.

6. A clean camera is a better looking camera.

In addition to the aforementioned issue of camera visibility when the enclosure is filthy, dirt and grime are simply unsightly. If your location requires any type of aesthetic value, a dirty video surveillance camera can be an eyesore distracting from the overall pleasing nature of the area.

7. A completely functional security system passes audits.

When push comes to shove, an audit situation (whether internal or external) can be either a smooth transition or a rough one. In the corporate security industry, the difference is often one of preparation in advance or reactionary measures. Regular maintenance of your networked access control or video surveillance system can repair issues as they occur, rather than letting them build up until they become a very expensive problem, costing additional time and money to correct properly.

8. Understanding a system properly allows for smooth upgrades.

On average, most corporate security solutions can typically be expected to last about five to tens years in the field depending on the quality of the initial solution installed in the first place. All systems eventually fail piece by piece, but with the proper maintenance, knowledge, and technical know-how a system replacement or upgrade can happen while the previous solution is still functioning. Each system is unique, and the maintenance process allows for system quirks and issues to be identified well before a major change is initiated – reducing or potentially eliminating downtime during the process.

9. Knowledge of a system can prevent problems before they become priorities.

Just in the same case as an audit situation, preventative care and maintenance of a commercial security system keeps the system as a whole functioning properly, and allows the system to function at the highest levels of operational functionality allowable. Once again, proactive concern for the system is the best choice you can make to maximize the system’s effectiveness and longevity.

10. Backups reduce critical infrastructure downtime dramatically.

This point should make logical sense. If, in the unfortunate event of a system failure, a viable backup for the system can help restore functionality quicker in a crisis. Of course the intricacies of different systems may create a slight learning curve, but a proper maintenance  schedule can allow for periodic backups to occur on a regular basis.

Here at A2 Systems, we provide maintenance, repair, and installation services for a variety of commercial access control and video surveillance systems across the Greater Boston area. We take pride in maximizing functionality and longevity of the systems we interact with, maximizing the valuable funds that have been dedicated to creating a secure environment Please contact us 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year for any emergency service you may need, with technicians on-site within the Greater Boston Area.

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